4 Steps to Avoid Getting Ripped Off 

Do your homework- Doing your homework before you decide to hire a roofing contractor is very important to make sure your roofer is good at what he does, and is honest. There are a few questions you should ask before, otherwise, you might find yourself paying higher prices for the incompetence of an unlicensed or unqualified roofing contractor. 

  1. Do you have Liability Coverage,  and a current license? The answers to these questions need to be YES, always. As a follow up always ask for a copy of each of these documents. You need to make sure they are up to date and in effect.  

  2. Can I have a list of references? It is crucial that you follow up on the roofer by checking his references, both previous clients and professional affiliations. 

  3. Do you provide a written estimate? Getting into a contract without a detailed estimate can cause problems in the long run. Make sure that they include the cost of removing the old roof, adding the new roof, and anything that could come up in the process. 

  4. What is the approximate time frame for the repairs? It is always important to ask the roofer how long the repairs will take in order for the roofer to commit to an articulated deadline for the project’s completion. 

  5. What do I need to do to prepare before the work begins? This is an important step that many people often overlook. The homeowner needs to be prepared before the work actually begins. 

  6. What is the exact type of roofing system that will be installed? The contractor should explain in detail the products proposed for the roof and provide written evidence on the contract.

  7. What are the details of the warranty? The contract should provide at least two years on workmanship. For the manufacturer’s warranty, ask if it covers both materials and workmanship or is it a materials-only warranty.