Who is SPS Roofing?

SPS Roofing, formerly SHELLIS ROOFING, is a 3rd generation family-owned roofing company with over 60 million square feet of roofing installed in the past 15 years alone. Simon, Carla and Ferdy have been installing roofs all over Texas since 1991


SPS has proudly served Del Rio, the hometown of Carla and Ferdy, since 2003 including over 300 residential homes and the residential housing at Laughlin Air Force Base two time over the past 15 years. 


We attribute our success to three things: the quality of our product, the ethical conduct of our team, and our competitive pricing.


We have built our company around relationships rather than sales, and it has served us – and our clients – very well.


755 Port America Pl. 

Grapevine, TX 75063

​​Tel: 972-929-9944


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