Tips on How to Find the Leak in Your Roof

You’re a responsible homeowner, which means your to-do list seems like it will never end. There’s always something to update, renovate, repair, or maintain.

Your roof is no exception to this pattern. Even though high-quality roofs can last several decades, there will still be wear and damage at some point.

When you find damage to your roof, you know how important it is to take proper measures to prepare it. You’d prefer to take on the project alone to save labor costs. This is admirable since on average, maintenance costs 1-4% of the home’s value for homeowners.

Sometimes, though, you can tell there’s a leak in your roof without knowing where the source is.

To properly find and assess the leak in your roof, check out the following tips. You deserve to stay informed when it comes to getting roof leak repair in your home.

Prevent Further Damage

There are several reasons you definitely want to repair your roof immediately. Consider the long-term effects of continued water damage.

Also, consider that the visible stain or leak from the roof might not be the only damage it’s causing. There could be structural components like walls or columns at risk of severe water damage.

Leaks can severely damage insulation, leading to further damage to the wooden or metal structure of the home. Less insulation also means your HVAC unit is working harder to keep your home cooled or heated.

Adding moisture to the structure of your home also means adding humidity to the atmosphere of your home. Humidity, unfortunately, leads to mold. Mold can become increasingly severe if not treated properly.

Keep in mind that the more you let a leaky roof cause damage, the more repair costs you will have to pay in the long run. In the future, you want to have a high property value in case you want to sell. Don’t subtract from that property value because you refused to hire a roof leak repair service.

To keep your property value and your home’s air quality up, make sure you take even the smallest roof leak seriously.

Basics of a Leaky Roof

A leaky roof can take many forms. You might notice a significant stream of water falling straight from the center of your living room’s ceiling.

You might notice a leak trickling from a light fixture, either in your bathroom or kitchen. If you live in a house with more than one story, you might even experience a leak on the first floor that has trickled down through the walls all the way from the roof!

Perhaps the only evidence of a leak in your home’s roof is a stain in the corner of a wall. These discolorations are clear evidence of water damage.

Most often, you’ll spot water damage immediately during/after storms, precipitation, or melting snow. Weather, especially hail, is a significant damage factor for roofs, for good reason. Because over half of hailstones in the United States are over an inch in size, hail could severely damage your roof and cause a leak.

As soon as you spot a leak, act quickly to determine whether or not you can find the source.

Follow the Trail Upward

The most obvious first step is to evaluate whether or not you can actually pinpoint the source of the leak. Start by following the leak backwards through your home.

For example, if you have an attic, prepare to explore it a little. If you safely and comfortably enter the attic space above a leak, you might be able to trace it further up toward the actual damage in the roof.

Hopefully, it’s easy for you to spot the source of the leak. Often, leaky roofs center around corners and edges. This means you should first check brick chimneys, sunroofs, and the corners of your roof for damage.

It might take the form of a missing shingle, water might be entering through damaged flashing on your roof, there could be a hole in some caulking, or it could be an issue that you miss entirely. No matter what, don’t stop until you know exactly where to start a roof leak repair project.

Get Creative to Find the Source

If you’re still having trouble finding the source of your leak, you might have to think outside the box.

Ask your neighbors for help solving the puzzle. See if someone will stand on your roof with a water hose, letting the water run over specific areas of the roof. Communicate with them to determine where the hose has to be pointing for a leak to spring.

Don’t be afraid to dig beneath the surface of your home’s walls, ceilings, and roof. For example, you might have to remove a couple of shingles to determine the exact hole where the water enters the house.

However, don’t go too far with that advice. It’s recommended that you don’t take anything apart that you don’t know how to put back together again. This is another reason you might need to hire a professional roof leak repair service.

Roof Leak Repair Services

In conclusion, even if you find the source of your leaky roof, it’s probably a good idea to hire roof leak repair services as soon as possible.

Do your best to safely locate the source of the leak. This information will help your roof repair service to locate and fix the problem quickly. That way, they don’t have to spend a lot of time, energy, or costs in following the same practices you did when finding the source of the leak.

Sometimes, though, you simply won’t be able to find the source like a professional will. Make sure you hire the best roof repair service available to you. Also, make sure to stay as informed and updated as possible on factors that contribute to roof damage.

For informative articles on roof maintenance, check out our blog’s other articles. We encourage you to research as much as possible about your roof since it’s the crowning structure of your home!

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