Welcome to SPS Aerial Technologies!

By Chase Attwood, Director & Chief Pilots of SPS Aerial Technologies

The future is here!

I’d like to welcome you to a new initiative we are doing here at SPS Aerial Technologies. We believe it is important to spread the word to as many people as possible, the incredible benefits you can get from utilizing sUAS technology in their workspace. From improving productivity and safety drone technology is constantly evolving and being used in new innovative ways to increase output of data and decrease time spent on a project site!

Purpose of the Blog

So… why you are we writing blogs now? ...Why not? The biggest challenge we are finding is just a general lack of knowledge in the drone marketplace at the moment. This is what we’re trying to change from publishing these weekly blogs. Our focus will be on the use of drones in the marketplace and our successes and others using drones for commercial purposes. I will be discussing new technologies available on the market and our experience with various drone equipment and software! You will receive an in depth review and commentary on use cases and experiences shared by our company and other pilots in the industry. Our goal is to provide education and awareness (and show how cool drones really are!).

Drones & Roofing - The Roots of SPS Aerial Technology

SPS General Contracting services, our parent company started out as a roofing company over 27 years ago this year. They have roofed over 60 million square feet of roof since their inception and are constantly seeking ways to improve their operations and provide a better service to the public and private sectors. We have roofed residential, multi-family apartments, commercial flat roofs and military bases. Needless to say we have built an incredible wealth of knowledge that we are now using to aid our drone operations.

So far we have actively used drones to survey almost all roofs we have bid on. The purpose of this is to ensure we have all the data we can when competing against other companies. We provide our customers with a new innovative and interactive way to see their roof and truly see what condition it actually is in. No one wants to climb on a steep roof, or high commercial flat roof because it is dangerous and inconvenient for them. We have eliminated that need through the use of drones. We are able to capture high resolution with 4K cameras mounted to drones capable of capturing an entire roof in minutes vs. hours. On top of this, we also offer Thermal Imagery as well. Talk about a game changer. Imagine having a leak in your office destroying your property below and frustrating the ever living (you know what) out of you because you know trying to track this down is almost impossible without some help. Well, worry no more. Through the use of Thermal technology mounted to our drones, we are able to scan and identify moisture and where the leak originates with a high degree of certainty. We can do this because, 1.) Our knowledge of roof systems is unmatched 2.) We have a trained pilot & licensed Thermographer on staff to analyze the images collected 3.) And our follow up process confirming our findings is second to none. We are the leaders in thermography and roof inspections in the greater DFW area. We work with/for other roofing companies to help them as well, so I would highly encourage you to reach out to us for more information about our services. You never know, until you reach out!

In closing, we are excited what the future has to hold for the drone community and future regulatory developments. SPS Aerial Technologies will continue to provide you with an update to the current status of the industry and further uses that could truly change the world as we know it!

Contact us today for more information at 972-929-9944!

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