Checklist: How To Tell If Your Roof Is Damaged After A Storm


1. What Was The Size Of The Hail

The size of individual hailstones will impact the degree of damage, and keep in mind that hailstones can be as small as a pea or as large as a softball, or anything in between. On average, it takes a 1” or above diameter hail stone to cause damage to the most common shingles. ​ 

hail sizes.png

2. Can You Visibly Notice If Shingles Have Been Blown Off

This is important because if you can visibly notice a few shingles missing, you can guarantee that there is more damage on parts of the house that you can’t see. 


3. Were The Leaves Shredded On The Trees Around Your Neighborhood?

This is important because if the hail is big enough and the storm lasted more than a few minutes. Typically, any storm that lasts anywhere between 5-8 minutes you will not have any damage. ​


4. Check For Broken Windows and Damaged Window Screens

Any dents, dings, or other signs of hail impact – even minor ones may be a sign that there is more damage up above​


5. Were Any Of The Cars Outside The House Damaged?

If you see that some of the cars outside the house are damaged, you will know the extent of the damage that is probably

above the house.

yard sign.png

6. Check Your Surrounding Neighborhood For Roofing Contractor Signs On The Lawns

If your neighbors are getting their roofs inspected or repaired, chances are that you need to check out your roof as well.