Winterize your roof and extend the life of it today with our Residential Maintenance Program

Gutter Cleaning

Clean out all gutters on roof

Trimming Trees

Trim the trees that are

touching your roof

Roof Inspection

Visual roof inspection and photos of roof included

Painting Pipe Jacks 

Painting your pipe jacks 

Reseal Pipe Jacks

+ Flashing

Reseal your pipe jack and flashing on your roof.

Clean the Roof

Clean off all debris that is on your roof

With our Residential Maintenance Program, we offer you a variety of services to your home once a year. Your yearly services includes gutter cleaning, cleaning/blowing your roof off, trimming your trees from the branches that are touching your roof, resealing your pipe jacks and flashings on roof, painting your pipe jacks, and a visual roof inspection with photos included. Call SPS Roofing to get your Residential Maintenance Program started today!

Yearly Services Included:

- Gutter Cleaning 

- Blow Roof Off

- Trim Trees (touching the roof)

- Reseal Pipe Jacks + Flashing 

- Painting Pipe Jacks

- Visual Roof Inspection + Photos

Monthly/Yearly Pricing:



SPS Current Clients:

First Year Free!

*with a 12 month signed contract